Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Ties

How does one keep the family ties bonded? As kids grow older, they go to their separate ways. Their interests differs, hence they have the tendency to grow apart. I think roles of parents are not limited to providing their children the basic needs like food, shelter,clothing and education. Once their children are stable and can provide on their own, these basic needs are no longer expected to be provided by parents. But does it mean that their roles as parents stop once their children can stand on their own? I believe not!
The most important roles of the parents is to keep the family ties bonded. But how would this happen if your parents are separated? I think it is still possible. Since your children are more matured and can understand things, it is easier to let them know how important it is to keep the respect towards each other despite what occurred.
Even if parents are not in good terms, it is still expected of them to keep their children intact.
Providing for the family and making sure that you have food on the table to eat are not the only roles that parents should play. Parents must try all means to mend wounds between their children. No family is perfect, but if you taught the right values to your children things will be okay.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on the Philippine Politics

Just a little update on what is happening on our country Philippines. In the recently concluded national election last May 10,2010 it was the first Automated Election held in our country. Although there were a lot of questions regarding the credibility and the accuracy of the results of the election; finally our 15th President and Vice President were proclaimed yesterday. The only son of the late Pres. Corazon Aquino and Sen. Ninoy Aquino won via landslide in the May 2010 election. As the political analysts would say, the Edsa Magic is still alive until now. On the other hand, everyone was in awe when Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay won as Vice President.
During the campaign period, he only ranked third on the survey. But unknown to all, the first "black" veep as they call him has a different campaign strategy. The forth runner during the survey who was Sen. Mar Roxas was in dismay of what happen. Of course, on in the Philippines wherein no candidate is ever defeated on cheated. He is current contemplating on filing an electoral protest.
But for whatever it takes, it is about time that Filipinos should unite to save our country and put it back in the economic map where it once belong. Congratulations to the newly elected leaders of our country, may you be able to uplift our country from where it is right now.

Home Sweet Home

In a few days from now, my family will be transferring to our new home. Yehey! My husband and I decided to take a housing loan because the kids are not getting any younger and neither are we. It's about time that we take a big leap and decide to purchase a townhouse and lot.
Although the space is just minimal, it is enough to keep our three children sheltered until they decide to live on their own. My dad suggested that we put white picket fences to give a homey look. I am looking for the right bench to place on the small garden that we plan to have in front lawn.
We are so excited to move in to our new home. It will be a big adjustment for all of us because we are used to living with our extended family. Now it will be just us in our new home sweet home.

A Little Motivation

I am definitely fond of reading, actually during my spare time you would find me reading e-books and traditional paperbacks or updating my blog. I find pleasure and solace in reading. It seems to me that I am being transported into another world.
The Chicken Soup for the Soul series are actually one of my favorite reading materials. It gives me a little motivation and inspiration to do the things which I thought was impossible. It is one of the books that gives you a feel-good emotion once you are done reading it.
There are even stories that might cause you to shed a tear because the inner you was touched. Somehow you can easily relate to the emotions on each and every story that you read. I hope to get the the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul book suited for me. For sure, I can finish the entire book in just one day.

Earn Money Online

Lately, I have been very busy trying to find other ways to earn money online. Aside from writing articles for several blog sites, I am also into posting comments on sites that pay you for giving your opinion. This is the first time I have encountered such method of earning money online. You get paid for your comments on the discussions. Of course, your comments should be substancial; a mono-syllabic comment is unacceptable.
Aside from that, you can also start a thread of discussion. Any topic will do, so long it does not contain statements that are racist or it violates one's character or personality. If you are that type of person who likes intellectual discussions, I am sure you can find some here. Just click on the link, register, share your views and start earning.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

About the Author

This is not my first attempt to create a blog, i have tried several times but unfortunately I was not able to keep them active. I want to write about of things and share it with the readers. Some unforeseen circumstances took the dream of having a blog site into reality.
I am a full time mom with 3 kids, and their needs can be so demanding that I am unable to manage my time well. Aside from that, I also have a business to manage and a husband to take care of....wooo!!! So there was no time to realize my dreams.
But now, my youngest son will be attending school so i have more free time to pursue what I want. yehey!!! It's time to be me! Alas! And as I continue to grow as a person, I will also continue my fondness of writing about sooooo many things.
As I begin the journey of discovering my hidden talents, I hope I will be able to share it with my blog readers as well. Kudos to me!