Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Ties

How does one keep the family ties bonded? As kids grow older, they go to their separate ways. Their interests differs, hence they have the tendency to grow apart. I think roles of parents are not limited to providing their children the basic needs like food, shelter,clothing and education. Once their children are stable and can provide on their own, these basic needs are no longer expected to be provided by parents. But does it mean that their roles as parents stop once their children can stand on their own? I believe not!
The most important roles of the parents is to keep the family ties bonded. But how would this happen if your parents are separated? I think it is still possible. Since your children are more matured and can understand things, it is easier to let them know how important it is to keep the respect towards each other despite what occurred.
Even if parents are not in good terms, it is still expected of them to keep their children intact.
Providing for the family and making sure that you have food on the table to eat are not the only roles that parents should play. Parents must try all means to mend wounds between their children. No family is perfect, but if you taught the right values to your children things will be okay.

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