Monday, August 9, 2010

TV in your kids room

Should a television be placed inside your kids room? As a mother, although my kids has their own television inside their room, I do not actually allow them to use it unless I sleep in their bedroom. I believe that a bedroom should be a place to rest and sleep; watching television can be done in the family room or living room.
Having no television inside their room somehow discipline the kids and teach them time management most especially during school days. Sometimes even on weekends, the kids would normally sleep early because their biological clock has gotten used to it.
For me and my hubby, television is a big NO NO inside the bedroom. In fact, even in our own bedroom we do not have television. All the electronic appliances stay outside the bedroom.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Red Bike

Alas! my eldest son Jet finally got his wish, he now have his new red bike. Again thanks to our beloved Mamita for spoiling her grandkids. My son was so excited when he learned that his Mamita will buy him his new bike. Once we got the money, that same weekend, he asked his Daddy Joey that they go out and choose a bike. According to Daddy Joey, it was not hard to choose among the bikes in that store. Because Jet knew what he wanted, the first time he was that red bike, his mind was made up. That is what he wanted. So after settling the bill, my two boys went home riding that new red bike.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Monday

I was supposed to come with Jeon to school today to give out the birthday invitations. But unfortunately, my hubby forgot that the house key shares the same key chain with the car key. Since he used the car key last night and it was his sister who drove back to their parent's home. Our house key was nowhere to be found. I had no choice but to stay at home and wait for my son.

I thought I could at least have a couple of minutes more of sleep after everyone has gone to school and work. But our house is topsy turvy, so the urge to clean it was there. Before I picked up the broom and the glass cleaner, I started the laundry. At least, the machine would start to wash as I start doing household chores as well. I got the chance to clean the entire home and our small garden as well.

Just in time for Jeon's arrival from school, I was able to cook rice and dish for our lunch. Doing the dishes was quite easy, and it was time for me to sleep again. Oops! not yet, I need to finish blog assignments which are due today and until Wednesday. I was able to do the three blog assignments and four more to go.

It was indeed a very busy day. Thank God I have the capability to do multi-tasking. Gotta go, I need to snooze.