Friday, July 30, 2010

Preparing For the Big Day

After Jeon's program yesterday, I told him that he can rest today. Bad mama huh! allowing her son to skip school. I had a very busy day today. I have to ran a lot of errands because in a couple of days, Jeon will be celebrating his 4th birthday. Fortunately for me and my hubby, my mom decided to give her grandson a birthday party. It's my first time to have a birthday party to be held in school. My two other sons were born summer vacation, so I don't need to stress myself from preparing for a party. My son Jeon knows what he wanted to have for his party, from the food to the give aways, he helped me with it. So on Wednesday at exactly 9 in the morning, my child will have his birthday party in school. Keeping our fingers crossed that it will turn out well.By the way, the theme is Toy Story, he is a big fan.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Performance of My Little Boy

Today is my youngest son, Jeon's big performance in school. The school celebrates nutrition month, hence the students are expected to perform for the said program. We were all very excited about it when we first learn that he will be part of the group who will be dancing in front on an audience. I became like a stage mother inviting my hubby's relatives to the event. Everything was set and planned accordingly, until our once dependable car bogged down.
Few days before the event, our car broke down. It is an old sedan, but we have been using it for quite sometime. So we had to do immediate auto repair to make sure it would be done before the big event. My hubby went to his favorite auto mechanic, unfortunately he is busy doing another repair and could not accommodate our car anymore. We were really desperate about it, how I wish we had like the Chicago auto repair shop in our place. My mom once mentioned that their service is good.
Since we don't have such, we tried and tried to look for another auto mechanic. Until finally we found one, he seemed to knowledgeable of what he is doing. Before giving a diagnosis on what is wrong with our car, he checked everything, from the machine, to the brakes and even check engine light to make sure that it does not consume the car's battery.
The car didn't make it until today, so our relatives were not able to see Jeon's performance. And last night, my hubby was checking out brand new cars. He is planning to do an auto loan and he plans to buy a Toyota camry which he thinks is more dependable than any other brand.
Lesson learned in this event, always have plan B in case plan A does not work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

June 15, 2010 was the day we formally moved in to our new home. What we just brought in were the stuff that we already had before; nothing new except for our beds. My hubby was more concern about our sleeping area rather than the entire look of the house. So the savings that we had were used to buy beds for us and the kids.

We had no living room and dining set, we sat on the floor to watch tv and still sat on the floor to eat our meals. This was our set up for a couple of weeks. Thank God my mom saw our pictures and volunteered to buy the furniture that we need for our new home.

The kids were so excited when they saw the delivery truck in front of our house. My youngest son was so proud that he is even shouting that we already have our furniture. After a couple of days more, another blessing came from my mom again; she wants me to purchase an air conditioner for her grand kids. So I did that when she sent the money to buy it.

Now our home looks more improved than it was when we moved it. Little by little we try to put things in order. My gave something again to set up a landscape outside the house. I am optimistic that before the year ends, it will almost look like our dream home.

Little Big Boy

My youngest son Jeon is now in Nursery, gone are the mornings of telling him to clean up his mess and put his toys inside the toy box once he is done. Now, my mornings are quite quiet and I felt kinda weird about it.

During his first month in school, I go with him and wait until his classes are through. But recently my hubby and I decided that we hire a school service to pick him up to and from the school. On his first day in school service, I was with him.

But when he saw that some of his classmates ride the school service alone, he requested to do it himself. It was a bit odd for him to request such, because he always wants to have Mommy by his side. I gave in to his request. I can still remember the date that was 21st of July; the first time my son went to school alone.

It was a big leap for my son, he is now starting to do things on his own. I thought I would love the "Me" time that I have; I can't help but to feel a bit sentimental about it. I know that sooner, my son will be a grown up man and would decide things for himself. My little big boy still enjoys mommy's kisses and hugs; I know pretty soon he will feel awkward in doing that.