Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Performance of My Little Boy

Today is my youngest son, Jeon's big performance in school. The school celebrates nutrition month, hence the students are expected to perform for the said program. We were all very excited about it when we first learn that he will be part of the group who will be dancing in front on an audience. I became like a stage mother inviting my hubby's relatives to the event. Everything was set and planned accordingly, until our once dependable car bogged down.
Few days before the event, our car broke down. It is an old sedan, but we have been using it for quite sometime. So we had to do immediate auto repair to make sure it would be done before the big event. My hubby went to his favorite auto mechanic, unfortunately he is busy doing another repair and could not accommodate our car anymore. We were really desperate about it, how I wish we had like the Chicago auto repair shop in our place. My mom once mentioned that their service is good.
Since we don't have such, we tried and tried to look for another auto mechanic. Until finally we found one, he seemed to knowledgeable of what he is doing. Before giving a diagnosis on what is wrong with our car, he checked everything, from the machine, to the brakes and even check engine light to make sure that it does not consume the car's battery.
The car didn't make it until today, so our relatives were not able to see Jeon's performance. And last night, my hubby was checking out brand new cars. He is planning to do an auto loan and he plans to buy a Toyota camry which he thinks is more dependable than any other brand.
Lesson learned in this event, always have plan B in case plan A does not work.

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