Friday, July 30, 2010

Preparing For the Big Day

After Jeon's program yesterday, I told him that he can rest today. Bad mama huh! allowing her son to skip school. I had a very busy day today. I have to ran a lot of errands because in a couple of days, Jeon will be celebrating his 4th birthday. Fortunately for me and my hubby, my mom decided to give her grandson a birthday party. It's my first time to have a birthday party to be held in school. My two other sons were born summer vacation, so I don't need to stress myself from preparing for a party. My son Jeon knows what he wanted to have for his party, from the food to the give aways, he helped me with it. So on Wednesday at exactly 9 in the morning, my child will have his birthday party in school. Keeping our fingers crossed that it will turn out well.By the way, the theme is Toy Story, he is a big fan.

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