Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tiger Moms: Are you one of them?

The book of Amy Chua entitled: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has caused a lot of debates and discussions. I have checked some information about the book and it discuss things like strict parenting. According to her she raised her children the "Chinese parenting way".
She does not allow her children to watch TV, play outside or even the computer. She is not satisfied until her children get all A's in their report cards; she forces them to study and learn new skills. This is happening while the other kids are busy playing outside or enjoying Facebook. Although she admits that there are flaws in her approach to parenting, she said

"the Chinese parenting approach is flawed because it doesn't tolerate the possibility of failure. On the other hand, she sniffs that "there are all kinds of psychological disorders in the West that don't exist in Asia." When not contemptuous, some of her wry observations about Western-style child-rearing are spot-on: "Private schools are constantly trying to make learning fun by having parents do all the work," and sleepovers are "a kind of punishment parents unknowingly inflict on their children through permissiveness." 

I have to admit that I can be a strict parent and I can be a Tiger mom most of the time. My kids are not allowed to play on school days and when it comes to their grades in school, even though they get perfect scores in some subjects I am not satisfied with it unless all of the subjects have perfect scores. But I do not force study I want them to understand their lessons and listen to their teachers.

I believe there is no perfect formula in parenting. We can learn a lot from parenting books but we are not assured if their techniques are effective. What we normally do as parents is to apply the things that we saw from our parents, on how we were raised. As for me I think it is the most effective way, because I would like to believe that I grow up as a better person.

What about you, are you a tiger mom?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: Wacky Photos of My Little Boy

Last Sunday before going to sleep, the little boy (Jeon) is in the mood to do his wacky poses. He asked me to take photos of us doing various wacky faces. So for my Mommy and Me Monday entry, here are some of the wacky shots of my little boy.

A lot of people say that Jeon and I have the same smile, and that he looks like me (OMG! I could see DadEngr's frown). This little boy knows how to use his charm most especially when hubby arrives from work.

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