Monday, December 13, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday #3

Taken @ Clark Nayong Pilipino
This will be my third entry for Mommy and Me, I was quite busy last week I failed to come up with an entry. This photo was taken last year, I can't seem to find new photos of my kids and me. They have grown up so fast in a year's time and would not like to have pictures taken with me. lol!

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  1. It is soo hard to get in front of the camera isn't it?
    My little man doesn't ever want to - but I still keep on trying!
    HA HA!

  2. Was this like sort of the replica of the house of Jose Rizal? Good one!

    ADin B

  3. It was hard for me in the beginning with Mommy & Me to remember to snap's so worth it though if you get in the swing of it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm hosting two giveaways that end this's a link to one, pop over and enter!

  4. One day all of our efforts will be such great moments to remember! Stopping by from Mommy & Me Monday.

  5. Ahh...stinkers. I say you bribe them with something to get their pictures! They'll be thankful later they jumped in.

  6. aww malapit lang sa amin yan kaya lang ive never been therer :) Nice photo :)


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