Friday, December 17, 2010

Mommy Moments: Give Love on Christmas Day

No Christmas gifts yet, but I still have a couple of days more before Christmas to buy presents for the kids and family members. This week's Mommy Moments theme is Give Love on Christmas Day. I would not have a hard time thinking on what to buy for my three sons; because they know what they want. Actually it is me who is hesitant on buying it for them. Budget wise they are a bit expensive; I know my boys they easily break toys and they easily grow tired of using them. Since it's Christmas Day, I think I would have to give in to their wishes.

For my eldest son (Jet) he wants to have a wave board. He is grounded from using his mountain bike because he fell from the bike more than 3x and broke the breaks, rim of the wheels and bike pedals. Now he wants to have his own wave board.

My son Gab wants to have remote controlled car; I am not sure if he really likes this.In some days, he would tell me he wants violin. As far as I know he enjoys playing board games with his friends. So I need to make sure what is his final decision before I purchase the remote controlled car.

For my youngest son Jeon, he definitely wants to have Optimus Prime. He is been praying about this gift every night. He tells Jesus Christ to remind Santa Claus about his Christmas gift wish. So we need to make sure that he receives it. He tells his Kuyas that he will be receiving Optimus Prime from Santa Claus and Toy Story characters from Mommy and Daddy.

Christmas Day is more than just the presents that we receive. I think it is best that we impart this message to our children. Jesus is the reason for the season do not forget to remind the kids about it. On the other hand, if you have not decided on what to give your kids this Christmas day, check out other Mommy Moments entries. You may get some good ideas on what could be the best gift for your child. Are you ready to give love this Christmas day? or are you merely ready to give gifts out of tradition?

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  1. I love the way you said it in the last paragraph sis. Very true! Nice presents for your son. Have fun Christmas shopping and Merry Christmas!

  2. The robot looks great, my son would love to have like that too,

    You may view mine here Give love on Chrixtmas day

  3. hi sis! Hope ur kids will enjoy their new toys :)

  4. I like the Optimus Prime robot. The next time I buy toys for my son I will consider this. Nice post!

  5. Giving gifts on Christmas is one way of showing our love to family and friends, but you are right. We should not forget the center of this celebration. It is because of him and his love for mankind that we are celebrating Christmas Day.

  6. awwwww...those are pretty cool toys....:) thanks for dropping by at my MM entry...great to be here!

  7. you are right. gifts should only be secondary.. we got to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas!

    merry CHRISTmas! :D


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