Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tips for Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween Trick or Treat has become a much awaited event in our country. We have adopted the Western tradition of making Halloween a season of fun and excitement. Kids would wear different costumes not necessarily scary ones; then can wear their favorite super hero's outfit or they can fulfill their dream of becoming a little prince or princess. Here are some useful guidelines for parents with kids joining the Halloween Trick or Treat.
  • Since children will be receiving treats from strangers, tell them not to eat their treats until they reach home.
  • If your child is still a toddler but you want him or her to experience the fun of trick or treat; you should accompany your child or any adult to keep the child safe while outside your home.
  • If your child is old enough to go out without any adult company, instruct your child and their friends to stay on well-lit areas and create a route so you would have an idea where they are.
  • If you can provide a mobile phone to your child it would be much better, in case of emergency you would know how to reach them.
  • Set time for the kids to return home, this will lessen your worry. If your children are not home by the time you told them to, you can call them on the phone.
  • Most of all they should stay together as group and never go trick or treating alone.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Me and 3 Musketeers (MM: Before and After)

Me and my kids (l-r: gab, jeon and jet)
This photo was taken three years ago, now my two sons are in their 'tweens and you can no longer ask them to join a family photo ops (unless I use my Mommy voice and look). I have always dream of having a daughter, but I guess God has other plans for me. Since I give birth via CS; the max number of kids I could have is three.

Celebrating Gab's 10th Birthday taken last May 18,2010

But who would need a daughter, if you have sons who are also trained doing household chores. They can be sweet if they wanted to (like if they are asking for a favor from me). I guess, I can still say that I am lucky to have three boys as my kids. Least to say, lesser worries too. Daughter's material needs can be very expensive compared to my sons'; but I have to work my butt to earn extra income because these boys eat like there's no tomorrow. As my hubby says, they are growing up kids so they to a lot of energy to burn hence they need to fuel that with constant eating.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our New Home

Since June of this year, me and my family have moved in to our new home. Ooops! we didn't pay it cash or applied through bank financing; we had to acquire the house through PAG-IBIG housing loan and it is payable within 30 years. Yes! you read it right, 30 years to pay for our new home by the time we finish paying the house I would already by at my retirement age. Before deciding to move out from my in-law's home, I was checking the internet for houses. I came across carefree Arizona real estate; too bad we don't have it here in our country. The houses look good and are quite affordable; but who knows maybe one day, me and my family would be able to migrate in the US I will definitely contact a real estate agent from carefree Arizona real estate to inquire about it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Less Physical Sports

I would love to engage into sports, but I have some physical restrictions due to previous heart operation that I had. When I was in high school, I enjoyed playing darts. It was even with some stroke of luck that I was able to represent our year-level for the Intramural. But my interest in the game fade, now I am looking for other sports. A friend suggested about archery, it looked interesting to me especially after checking out those recurve bows. Although I think I am a bit over-aged to start engaging into archery; but I still believe that age would not matter if you put your heart into learning and understanding the sport.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mission Impossible: Get back in Shape

After giving up on managing our own business, I've noticed that I have gained some weight. Maybe it's because I would not have to stress myself on thinking how can I further improve our business. For the past couple of months, I have been relaxed and worry-free; before I knew it my body is no longer in shape (as in I gained weight). I have this mission to get back in shape by dieting and engaging in sports.
Recently, I am watching what I eat and with the help of my loving hubby, I am now warming up by trying to run every morning. Our target is to join a 5k run which is happening before the end of this month. After that, I have to decide on what sports to engage in. I want a sport that would not require too much strenuous activities. I wonder what could it be? I might give it a shot in trying archery.