Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tips for Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween Trick or Treat has become a much awaited event in our country. We have adopted the Western tradition of making Halloween a season of fun and excitement. Kids would wear different costumes not necessarily scary ones; then can wear their favorite super hero's outfit or they can fulfill their dream of becoming a little prince or princess. Here are some useful guidelines for parents with kids joining the Halloween Trick or Treat.
  • Since children will be receiving treats from strangers, tell them not to eat their treats until they reach home.
  • If your child is still a toddler but you want him or her to experience the fun of trick or treat; you should accompany your child or any adult to keep the child safe while outside your home.
  • If your child is old enough to go out without any adult company, instruct your child and their friends to stay on well-lit areas and create a route so you would have an idea where they are.
  • If you can provide a mobile phone to your child it would be much better, in case of emergency you would know how to reach them.
  • Set time for the kids to return home, this will lessen your worry. If your children are not home by the time you told them to, you can call them on the phone.
  • Most of all they should stay together as group and never go trick or treating alone.

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