Friday, November 5, 2010

MM: It Comes in All Shapes

The Mommy Moments theme for this week is shapes. I had a hard time looking for photos of my kids holding a particular shape in their hands. They would not want to pose for a new photo, (they are not fond of pictures) but I think these photos would do.

Kuya Gabby

My middle child Gabby, enjoying a peaceful ride in a rectangular shaped boat. This was taken last summer at my cousin's fish pond. They enjoyed their stay in that place, away from technology and closer to nature.

My bunso Jeon

He loves boxing, with or without those red boxing gloves. Definitely hyper-active and he enjoys rowdy games with his Kuya Jet and Kuya Gab. After a couple of minutes, you would hear someone screaming "Mommy!" it means somebody got hurt from the game. It's time to do the Mommy task of explaining things to them again.

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  1. Wow future boxing Champ.. I bet they are a handful!

    It comes in many ShApEs

  2. hmmmnn.. first time I encountered a child who loves boxing!

  3. Blond hair first kid mo sis? Ayay, Future kamao boxer pala yang bunso mo ha.

    My Mommy Moments post here

  4. so nice to ride on a boat! =)

  5. Brave Gabby. He seemed not afraid riding on that narrow boat.

    You have future Manny P. in the house :-)

    Thanks for stopping by. Saturday Sightings meme is now up. You might want to join us. thanks!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Anne.

  6. I think he would be a boxing champ someday hehehe mine is up and its here thanks

  7. When you have more than 1 kid, the Mommy world will be mentioned milion times a day when the kids are playing. One will be screaming, crying and such. I have 3 little ones and oh boy! I love the picture of Gabby riding a boat, so peaceful and parang pwedeng pang post card..ganda ng kuha.

  8. oh! i love the picture with the boat.. HALLMARK greeting cards material, lol!

  9. wow, boxing gloves :D thanks for joining us this week!

  10. boxing gloves for kids.. cool!! naku my kids are always in karate naman.. riot always!


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