Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our New Home

Since June of this year, me and my family have moved in to our new home. Ooops! we didn't pay it cash or applied through bank financing; we had to acquire the house through PAG-IBIG housing loan and it is payable within 30 years. Yes! you read it right, 30 years to pay for our new home by the time we finish paying the house I would already by at my retirement age. Before deciding to move out from my in-law's home, I was checking the internet for houses. I came across carefree Arizona real estate; too bad we don't have it here in our country. The houses look good and are quite affordable; but who knows maybe one day, me and my family would be able to migrate in the US I will definitely contact a real estate agent from carefree Arizona real estate to inquire about it.

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