Wednesday, June 9, 2010

About the Author

This is not my first attempt to create a blog, i have tried several times but unfortunately I was not able to keep them active. I want to write about of things and share it with the readers. Some unforeseen circumstances took the dream of having a blog site into reality.
I am a full time mom with 3 kids, and their needs can be so demanding that I am unable to manage my time well. Aside from that, I also have a business to manage and a husband to take care of....wooo!!! So there was no time to realize my dreams.
But now, my youngest son will be attending school so i have more free time to pursue what I want. yehey!!! It's time to be me! Alas! And as I continue to grow as a person, I will also continue my fondness of writing about sooooo many things.
As I begin the journey of discovering my hidden talents, I hope I will be able to share it with my blog readers as well. Kudos to me! 

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