Monday, November 15, 2010

PacMan Did it Again

Manny Pacquiao made another history in the world of boxing; he now holds 8 boxing title. No other boxer has made such feat, it is something that all Filipinos should be proud of. He won over another Mexican boxer during the fight known as "The Tale of the Tape"

photo not mine,

The recent fight with Antonio Margarito proved that size does not matter. It is how you perform and how determine a person is in achieving goal. Another thing that I salute about Pacman was the fact that he is not proud despite his achievements. That was shown during the fight when he kept looking at the referee to make sure that his opponent is still okay. Some boxers might use that chance to show-off their boxing skills, but our dear Kababayan showed compassion to his opponent.

He is a true epitome of a sportsman. Manny Pacquiao makes me say that I am still proud to be a Pinoy!

Btw, if only the referee heed to Manny Pacquiao's call to stop the fight during the 11th round, my hubby could have won the bet. LOL!

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