Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everything for my Kids

There was one point in my life wherein I became a solo parent to my three kids. That was the time when hubby decided to go abroad for greener pasture. But now he is back for good, we share responsibilities in rearing our child. Yup! you read it right; we only have one child ; my two other kids are from previous marriage. Luckily though, he also helps me in rearing for my two other children.

 Although I know my kids have the right to get financial support from their father; I did not insist in doing that. I have my pride and I know I can support my kids with or without their father's support. With God's grace, I have been able to do it for the past 6 years (my mom helps me out with their schooling--thanks Mamita!)

Eventhough I know it's my kids right to get their financial support from their dad, I would rather not do it unless he volunteers to do so. I am not the type who would look like I am begging for the financial support. They are my kids, they are under my custody therefore it is my never-ending responsibility to my children to provide them their needs (be it financial and emotional needs).

Many would disagree with me, but when I ended the relationship with my ex, I also decided to end hoping and waiting for whatever meager financial support he can provide. I am a woman and I brought my children out in this world; therefore I would take responsibility for them with or without a man's help.

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