Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Little Corner

My little corner
Before I got a full time writing job (again my endless thanks to Fedhz), the computer is in our room. Since I need to stay on-line most of the time; I can't afford to stay all day inside our room. I need to run and manage the household too.
So what hubby did was to transfer the PC in the living room area. But I don't have my own computer table yet, so I sit on the floor in the living area;and would have to stand up whenever my kids' friends are around. My ever dependable hubby, found a solution again. He created a special place in the house, underneath the staircase, where I could work on my stuff without much disturbance from the kids.
This is my special nook; this is where articles, blog posts, blog comments and ebooks are being written. My rants and random thoughts are transformed into money; in this little corner.


  1. Pretty busy little corner you got there, Anne. I'm curious about your full-time writing job. I'm looking for one (just part time). Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. nice corner! Like you, I used to have mine upstairs in an unused room too but i also had to pack it up and transfer it over to the sala, so that I can keep watch on the kids and the household. Happy weekend!


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