Friday, November 12, 2010

Mommy Moments: Favorite Color

This week's Mommy Moment's theme is all about kids' favorite color. Since I have three boys, I thank God that none of them like pink (whew!).

My eldest child Jet's favorite color is blue, since among his siblings he possess the not-so-fair color (Pinoy na Pinoy), we are having a hard time looking for the best color that will fit his skin tone. But then again, he favors blue

On the other hand, my middle child Gabby (my Golden Child - he has albinism) would fit any color. But amongst his favorite is orange and yellow. Most of his clothes are on the citrus shade.

My youngest son Jeon definitely love the green. His school uniform is green and he looks good in the shade of green.

Little boys clothes and stuff are not as exciting as the little girls. I am such a spoiler, I guess that's why God didn't give me a little girl; because it will be way too expensive to buy those cute girly stuff. I would definitely go out of budget most of the time. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Wow! Three boys! Like me. We must share stories sometime, hahaha.

  2. wow! 3 ako sau! I don't think if I'll survive raising 3 boys...have trouble raising up 1 child how much more kung 3...ehehehe...:)

    they're cute though!

  3. hi! thanks for the visit! ;)
    I am also a followers of your na sis...

    so BLUE talaga ang fav ng boys ano? ungboy ko lang ang nde blue LOL kasi naunahan ng sister :))

  4. thanks for stopping by....
    your sons are all adorable, 3 boys!whew!that must be quite a handful!
    you said it right, lil boys' clothings aren't half as fun as lil girls!hehe

  5. hmmm.. they have good preference in colors!

  6. nice colors! :D happy mommy moments!

  7. boy na boy talaga ang preference nila sa color. :)


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