Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids Enjoyed Our Anniversary Too

Since we live on our own, we have no choice but to bring along the kids wherever we go even during our wedding anniversary date. Last friday, 5th of November the kids were with us during our dinner date. In fact, they ordered their favorite dishes during our dinner.

Beef with Brocolli for Kuya Jet

Pork Sisig for Kuya Gabby

Pork Sinigang for our bunso Jeon

I thought that there would be a lot of leftovers after this dinner, but I was wrong! They were able to finish everything. Just look at these happy faces.

oops. sorry for the blurred photo (l-r: gab,jeon and jet)

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  1. How cute. I would be happy finishing all of that luscious food as well :D


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