Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family That Prays Together

Just recently, my husband and I decided that every night we should pray together with our children. My hubby leads the prayer and me and the kids follow. I think this is a good way to teach children regarding faith in God. It is also the best way to show our children that prayer is important in our lives and that God will always answer our prayers but in His own time.f
My youngest son, who is only four years old is very excited about Christmas and his Christmas gift wish is part of our prayers too. He wish for Jesus to tell Santa Claus that he is a good boy and that Jesus should remind Santa Claus about his gift this Christmas.


  1. we pray everynight too. prayer has become my daughter's normal thing. even during manny's fight, she asked us to pray. and when it rains she prays the rain would stop because she's afraid. hahaha.

    agree, a good training for the kids! way to go mom!

  2. every night, wow! admire you for that. correct prayer is the most impt. thing and it's best for kids to learn how to pray at a young age.
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